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Irish Whiskey Masterclass – St. Patrick’s Day Special

March 16th  | 6.30pm – 7:45pm – Click here

The Doss House have created a Masterclass for the whiskey enthusiasts to offer a fully interactive evening and in-depth experience you will not want to miss.

This masterclass will take you through the world of Irish Whiskey where you can challenge your palate and taste a range of our favourite Irish Whiskies as part of our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

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Around The World Whisky Masterclass

Every Wednesday from January 27th – April 28th | 6.30pm – 7:45pm – Click here

The Doss House’ Whisky connoisseur Ari Abels is serving you an unforgettable Masterclass for all your whisky desires. Best known for his “Whiskey Live events” which have seen him travel across Australia, delivering Whisky love to thousands of people. Ari has 15+ years of maturation in the industry under his belt and brings a fountain of knowledge, mixed with character and a dash of sophistication.

This is a fully interactive and in-depth experience you will not want to miss. During this 75 minute presentation, you will be tasting:

Finlaggan cask strength (Scotland)

Paul John classic select cask (India)

Hinch pot still (Northern Ireland)

Corra Linn single malt (Australia)

Nikka Yoichi single malt (Japan)

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The Doss House Whisky Flight

200 Years of Johnnie Walker

February 23rd  | 6.30pm – 7:45pm – Click here

200 years ago John Walker first threw open the doors to a small grocery store in rural Scotland, laying the foundations to a bold path that would lead us to the four corners of the world, making Johnnie Walker the world’s leading Scotch Whisky today. Come explore this incredible journey with an immersive masterclass that explores the world of flavour within Scotch Whisky.

The session will include a guided tasting of Johnnie Walker, as well as complimentary nibbles and a cocktail tutorial on how to make an incredibly tasty highball.

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